Lavar Ball does not understand the Law of Diminishing Returns

December 7, 2017

Sports Counter patrons already know of my ongoing issues with Lavar Ball.


Allow me to first repeat a few thoughts. Although I may not have agreed with his methods, his branding and marketing of his sons was smart.  Lonzo went second overall to the Lakers. Which I believe had more to do with Lavars’ branding than Lonzo playing.  Also, I do not feel I, or anyone,  should comment on how a man raises his own kids.


Now, with that said allow me to say this, Lavar Ball has fully crossed over what we call in economics and business “Diminishing Returns”.  Lonzo going second overall, LiAngelo starting his first year at UCLA and LaMelo setup to attend UCLA should have been the moment Lavar ball dropped out of the spotlight.  He had done his job.  The “Big Baller Brand” was established and there was a high possibility that 2, if not all 3, of his sons, would attend college and play in the NBA.


However, Lavar could not help himself.  While he may be a good “father” he did himself and his sons a disservice. He stopped thinking about their future and instead added his own aspersions for fame.


Theses aspirations had him being interviewed after Lakers game.  Making demands to help make his sons look better. Which in turn allows him to talk more.  When his demands were not meet to his satisfaction he took drastic decisions.  Decisions that have both LiAngelo and LaMelo no longer enrolled in a school getting an education. Lonzo and the Lakers having an unnecessary drama in their locker room.  Every decision Lavar has made since Lonzo going second has brought back “Diminishing Returns”.


If Lavar was the father that I took him for, he would have removed himself and allowed his sons to grow in the environment that he created.  But due to his selfish needs for his own fame and achievement Lonzo will likely be the only Ball to play in the NBA, and for how long, will depend on how long they can handle Lonzo slow start and mostly Lavar.  I have said at The Sports Counter often that LaMelo is the most talented.  However, there are tons of talented basketball players in the world, and many do not come with the baggage called “Lavar Ball”.

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One comment on “Lavar Ball does not understand the Law of Diminishing Returns

  1. Yeah this guy is “something else!” but he is definitely changing the game- hate it of love it.

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