Disappear Phil, you do not love it … Never Have!

June 29, 2017

So Phil Jackson is out of NY, and the “Dumpster Fire” known as the NY Knicks ended up getting somewhat better.  So as we mentioned on Episode 28 of The Sports Counter, they are no longer a Dumpster Fire, but more of a small pile of burning trash.

So now what for Phil? Allow me to provide some advice for the “Zen Master” that I think will provide him with some direction … Stay Away From Basketball!

As I have often said at The Sports Counter, Phil Jackson, too many, is thought as the best coach the NBA has ever seen. But, in my humble (yet often right ) opinion, Phil Jackson always did what was expected with the amount of talent he had.  As I have said at The Sports Counter, during his tenure Phil had arguably the top 20 players in NBA history on his rosters.  Resulting in 10 coaching championships and many more accolades that have him praised as on the of the smartest minds in the NBA.

It is for this continued praise that we have seen Phil stay around the NBA. I argue that after his first run with the Lakers ended he never loved the NBA or basketball anymore. Yet, was around for the continued praise and to chase ultimate NBA coaching glory.

3 years of bad work ethic and poor decision making is helping to leave the NY Knicks in complete disarray. All while Phil walks away knowing that in the end history will still think of him as the “Zen Master”.  Phil your arrogance and unwillingness to adapt to the new NBA instead of riding on your past success is why the NBA is done with you and hopes that you also feel done with us.

The issue with older legends not knowing when it is time to ride off into the sunset is that they stick around and continue to try and be superior to everyone whom they view as their inferiors only to actually be a pain and blemish.

Great minded people always adjust and find ways to continue success in a constantly changing world.  Phil Jackson found success with one offense and never adapted to change it.  Forcing his coaches and everyone around him to adopt it, regardless of not having success with it.  It’s not the triangle or his logic that got Phil 10 rings, it was having Jordan, Pippen, Kobe, and Shaq.  So it is the attitude of this sports analyst that Phil Jackson should be not looked upon as being the NBA greatest mind, but more as the NBA top lottery winner and this latest failure in NY and demonstration of poor work ethic is proof for that attitude.

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